Friday, August 19, 2011

As One Door Closes...

I got laid off this week.

Sorry to make this announcement via a blog post, but in a lot of ways it's really not a big deal and I don't want to keep spending the energy talking about the end of a job. I want to focus on what's next. I've been here, done this. Four years ago, when the economy was just starting to tank. Four years ago, when I was already burned out on a stressful career. Four years ago, when I was in a financial nightmare and I freaked out and dove back into the same frustrating cycle.

I survived just fine then and this time it's different. This time is better. While this is a loss and I'm going through the greiving process, I was ready for the cycle to end. Two weeks ago, I had a moment at work and I just knew it was time to move on. While on vacation I made a four-to-six month plan to get my career and other areas of my life back into balance. Only, now I don't have six months, or do I? Maybe not in the way I thought, but I am much more financially stable and, while fairly small at this point, I do have secondary and teritary streams of income (maybe it's time to focus on those...). This gives me some time. I am going to take it and an use it wisely. I have been hungry for change in a lot of areas of my life, so when Mercury went retrograde, I asked for reversal of things in my life that weren't serving me. I got my wish and the opportunity to right the path I was on.

I don't want people to send me messages of condolence and tell me they're sorry to hear the news. Don't be. I'm actually really positive and hopeful about the gift of time to rest, learn about myself, and find my greater purpose and a vocation that will fulfill and feed me.

If you want send me anything. Send me energy to heal from the loss, energy of love and support as I search within myself to find my purpose and inner joy, and energy of luck and prosperity as I step out onto the next path of this life's journey.

I hope that isn't too much too ask, but you all know I would do it for you. I am so amazed at my support system of friends and family and I thank you. May all your blessings come back to you to the infinite degree.

Hugs and Blessings,