Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Magickal Desk

Ha, so I know I promised more here, but this girl has been busy and since going back to work has been fighting cold after cold. Those germy humans, I tell ya! Speaking of going back to work, I was ever so slightly amused to find that my magickal work had crept into to my mundane work without me really planning it. I LOVE when that happens!!

My desk is an altar, of course! Makes sense, right?!?! But, I totally set it up as an altar without even knowing it! I did consciously cleanse and start building a prosperity altar. When I got the keys to my office, the first thing I did was get all salty on it--sea salt, black salt, Himalayan salt... First,  I cleansed it with sea salt--I would have loved to have saged it, but open flame, office, yeah... I then put a sachet of black salt on the edge of my desk facing the door to keep away negativity and bad neighbors (i.e., asshat bosses and co-workers), and brought in one of my Himilayan salt lamps. Being surrounded by computer equipment, I need to some refreshing negative ions, and it's just really cool. Black salt and Himalayan salt lamps are must haves for the magickal office worker, I swear.

Anyway, back to the desk as an altar.  Like I said I started putting together a prosperity altar. It's a work in progress but, as you will see, I have a lovely lucky bamboo plant that I added some green lodestones (yes, green lodestones, how perfect) and copper pennies. I love lodestones and use them often to bring me exactly what I need to get by in this world. I also always keep copper pennies around me for luck and offerings.

Today while I was sitting at my desk, I realized that the prosperity altar was in the North corner of my desk and I thought that was brilliant. Then, I looked around and realized I had organically created directional elements without even trying. To my right, I keep my pen and notebook, always open to blank page to readily jot down notes, reminders, action items, and ideas that just pop into my head. That just so happens to be in the East corner of my desk. To my left, and in the South, is where the Himalyan salt lamp resides. The light inside warms the rock and it glows a reddish-orange all day long. To the West is my was my big ol' water bottle on my big ol' fancy coaster, this morning, accompanied by a big ol' mug o' coffee, ah the sacred liquid of the working. And, of course, smack dab in the center of all this is me, the magickal worker bee, creating and manifesting for my company, which in turn supports me financially, so allowing me my ability to support my greater spiritual work.  

I have no doubt that magick created this employment opportunity for me and it looks like the magick is sticking around.