Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy International Pagan Coming Out Day!

Some of us are out, some of us aren't, some of us still have one foot still in the broom closet. We all have several coming out stories to various friends, family, and known associates. I'm pretty out though I have some boundaries--I'm still in the closet at work. Basically, religion doesn't belong there. Seriously, I don't want to hear all about my co-worker teaching at bible school at her church either.

I'm out to most of my family, but honestly half of them don't get it. Like my parents. I've told them a few times, and I got nothing. So I've tried through the years to bring it up, to no avail. For example, if I set in my mind I'm going to tell them at dinner tonight, they start the dinner conversation with something like this. "So, I decided to drop by bible study this week and they were talking witches and how they poison people." Seriously...

My favorite is when they tell me that you can't trust messages through mediums because it could be the devil trying to trick you, and then they ask for a tarot reading. Okay...

My parents do know I don't believe in their version of Christianity even if I say that Jesus' teachings were wonderful and it's a shame most Christians don't follow them. They express how they wish I could be more spiritual. Bwa ha ha, if they only knew, if only they would listen!

Not being out to my parents is actually more amusing than anything. At this point, I don't get the feeling they're supposed to know. I have suspicious of why that is. All my grandparents were spiritually gifted, therefore so are my parents. My dad has the hookup with the nature and animal spirits, but he's not ready to deal--at least not in this lifetime. My birth mother was VERY Christian, but her and her sisters played with faeries as children and when I was little we talked to the flowers and plants in the garden and the trees and the birds and they squirrels... and they talked back. My poor step-mother has to deal with the crazy energy all around her--me, my dad, and my brother (who’s more hooked up than I, though he won't accept it). Poor woman can't make any sense of any of this crazy side of the family, but she really does try. 

So I will keep trying as hard as I can to get out to the parents. This year, in honor of IPCOD, I’ve decided to come out to the rest of my college friends. 

What’s one of your coming out stories?
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