Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Food Channel

Magic and food are synonymous. Besides the great feast after a rite, we all know about kitchen witchery, the art of cooking with magickal intent. Herbs, seeds, nuts, flowers, and fruits are used in spells and ritual magick all time, most of which are consumable. The energy you put into food can have a huge impact. For an amusing example, check out the scene in "Like Water for Chocolate" when Tita makes Quail in Rose Petal Sauce.

So cook with citrus or mint for a fresh, clean start, for our lovers we may add a dash of ginger to heat things up, for fertility we may throw in a banana (or are you just happy to see me, sorry couldn't not go there). Have you ever tried to bake bread when you are angry or stressed? It won't rise. So instead of checking the expiration date on the yeast that just won't bloody rise, check your attitude and blood pressure. It's hard to have a bad time at a big Italian dinner with all that basil and garlic banishing negativity and adding their love and protective qualities. My grandmother's secret ingredient was nutmeg, she put a pinch in everything, and why not? Nutmeg's magickal properties include luck, money, and health. Thanks, Grandma!

Adding magick to your food is powerful and fairly common, but what happens when your food communicates to you? Believe it or not, the universe gives you messages using food. I first experienced this a few years ago when I was laid off, the first time. The universe sent me pecans. I went to the store to buy walnuts to bake cookies and bought a 5 pound bag of pecans by accident, a few days later a family member returned from a New Orleans business trip and brought back pecan pralines, then a friend invited me over for dinner and we had pecan-encrusted chicken. Still not seeing any connection, the universe had to push harder, so I found a single in-shell pecan sitting in my pantry and when I went to color my hair I noticed the dye shade was called Pecan. Seeing the word in writing was my ah-ha moment or at least a "Gee, I seem to be finding a lot of pecans lately." So I looked up the magickal properties of Pecans, which were employment and money. Duh, I was unemployed and in a sticky real estate situation that was draining my savings. So I put that in-shell pecan on my altar, started working with pecans in spell work and providing pecans as offerings. It worked, I had a job within weeks. Two other friends also incorporated pecans into their magickal workings with success.

It's happened with a few other foods through out the years. Then, this morning I was eating a lovely, gooey peace of coffee cake a friend baked for me. It was full of cinnamony goodness. Hmmm, cinnamon... I added cinnamon to my coffee last week. I have been on a snickerdoodle-is-my-favorite-cookie kick lately. I described this kick to a friend and when I visited her in NY two weeks ago. Instead of her usual, famous
chocolate-chip shortbread, she made me snickerdoodle shortbread (OMG!). When cleaning out my kitchen last month, I noticed I was low on cinnamon, so I went to the store and the huge 24 oz. container of cinnamon that was on sale for cheaper than the 8 oz. jar. So like with the pecans, I'm all stocked up to add some cinnamon to my magickal work, which is gonna be good for all the deep spiritually and healing work I'm doing, as well as for protection, love, and knowledge. Cinnamon is going to get me through yet another time of change in my life (I might add a few pecans since I need a job, too). I'm not sure I'm ready scry in my soup, just yet, but I'm glad I knew to listen to the universes message.

What is your food trying to tell you?