Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Be Big

So I did a workshop with the lovely and amazing T. Thorn Coyle this weekend. I’ve worked with her before, so I knew how powerful it would be. The workshop was titled, Self Possession: Activating the “I AM” so I knew how personal it would be. This is the first of I'm sure many posts resulting from this weekend.

A recurring theme in my spiritual and mundane work recently is that I need to step into my power. I know it. I’ve been told. The biggest problem I have in this life is the how. How do I step into my power? I knew the workshop was going to help. I also knew I wasn’t going to get a nice neat manual all packaged up all pretty. But I figured I’d get a clue. And I did. Several, actually. Repeatedly.

By the end, it was very clear what I had to do. But again, how? During one exercise, the very last one of the weekend, in fact (of course!!), the answer came. I need to be bigger. Okay. And how to do that?

Well, this is how I, in addition to making sure all my bodies are aligned, my mission is to figure out how to be big in all my bodies. Which is funny because now that I know this, I can see how these bodies of mine have been trying to take up more space on their own.

My physical body has been trying to get bigger, despite my efforts to exercise and eat well. Those doughnut cravings have been winning, and as much as my body wants to be “bigger” it’s losing. Because what I really need to be “bigger” in my physical body is to be healthy and strong. 

My etheric body holds the energy I need to do my everyday actions. I need to make sure this energy is as close to 100% as it can be. I need to make sure that this energy is MY energy and reflects only MY nature. I can see me thinning the herd of relationships that don't serve me and drain my energy and learning to say "no" a lot more to others and listening more to my instincts and saying "yes" to my self.

My auric body is the one body that can take this instruction literally—it just needs to just be bigger. I need to present myself to the world in my right size--whatever size I need to be in my power and the job DONE. I had started this practice at work a few weeks ago before going into a meeting or having to have a difficult conversation. Now, in addition to when I need it, every morning I take a few huge breaths and exhale and blow that body up, giving me room to move and making sure people can see me coming!!!

Finally, my divine soul needs to be brought down and integrated with my self. Bigger in this case means closer, more connected with my divine nature. I need to actively activate my I AM, so that I am closer to my self, my divine self--making my actions in harmony with the work my soul was put on this Earth to do. By doing this I will give myself some room to do MY work. 

Many of you know me and know that I get stuff done, I work hard, and I’m effective. However, I am not doing MY work--I’m feeding someone else and not me. From now on, I will be doing MY work and allowing it to feed MY power. No more favors, no more giving my self away for free.

It would have been fun to just make these changes and see how the world reacts, and I have a few stories already that I will share. However, I think it's important for all of us to find out what we need to be and figure out how to do it. I have the hardest time with the how. I know everyone is different, but I find it helps to hear how one takes this information from our spiritual life, interprets it, and integrates it. So, think about it, if you were told you needed to bigger, how would you make that happen? If not big, what do you need to be? What does that mean to you? How would you make it happen?