Thursday, November 10, 2011

Current Life Regression

Many of us have experienced past life regression as a method of healing, spiritual knowledge, etc. I have been part of a group regression and I have gotten information about my past lives during certain readings. Apparently, I have been an a Abbess in several past lives and while that is interesting and if I think about it, it could explain some things, like knowing every responsorial in a Catholic mass with no education and limited exposure in this lifetime. Nice party trick, er sort of, but I'm not to sure what I can do with it in this lifetime.

For the past several months, I have been doing a sort of "current life" regression. Going backward to try and reevaluate experiences and information from my past to see what impact they had on me. Knowing what I know now, would it have had the same effect on me, would I have made the same choice? The answer in most cases is no, because I am ostensibly wiser and have more knowledge and experience to base my reaction. The value is in asking "why?" What would my reaction be now? What wounds need to be healed? How can this experience or knowledge serve me better?

Looking at my self and my life from a different angle has been quite eye-opening. I always claimed to be quite self-actualized and I am usually the first person to call me on my sh*t, but the change of perspective has been in an interesting journey so far--and I'm only just hitting the high school years (ey, ey, ey). I've noticed an immediate change in some of my perspectives and have been able to find forgiveness and healing where sometimes I didn't know there was a huge wound. I have recognized patterns and removed myself from relationships and situations that don't serve me. I've also been able to recognize and often relive the experiences I denied my self in my younger days because I was more worried about the societal over-culture and what I "should" do.

To that end, it's also been a joy to rediscover the part of me that was a free-spirit. You know before student loans, mortgages, and adult responsibility came to be. I still am the young woman who moved from a small town of a few thousand people to Manhattan not knowing anyone because...why not? I can get a job there, right? I am also the girl who went abroad to Australia and wound up spending six weeks backpacking by myself through the Outback and the along coast and Great Barrier Reef, sleeping in hostels and on overnight buses, just because I was there and it could be done.

One day I may have an opportunity to do a past live regression and it will be interesting to see what I learn, but for now I will stick to what I can learn from and change in this one.