Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being Awe and Wonder

I realized yesterday that it has been a long time since I used my "Power Circle." Basically, it's a disc of energy that I have empowered with feelings of confidence, courage, and success. I carry it around with me and when I need a boost of power, of these attributes, I simply place it on the ground in front of me and step into my power. No one ever knew. I just take a quick pause before stepping up to the podium to give a speech, knocking on the boss' door, or dialing a potential new client--and it made all the difference. I have been doing this practice for years until recently. I think as a person my magickal work has brought me closer to my true self and, while I have had to make some compromises in the last fewyears, I live in better alignment with my environment and circumstance and everyday I am happier, more successful, more powerful. I know it, I feel it, I live in my power. I think I thought I didn't need my power circle so I didn't use it because I have become the person I felt I was in the circle.

I was walking my dog yesterday and saw the actual chalk drawing in the photo above that one of the neighborhood kids drew on the sidewalk. It was what reminded me I hadn't used my power circle in a while and that maybe I still could, but now I could be more than powerful. I could be awesome! I laughed at the thought at first but then I thought more about it as I walked on. What could I do with more power? I promise I wouldn't be diabolical or anything. But, I could have more influence over my life and what I accomplish. I could give even more to help others and causes I care about. I could be more effective in everything I do. Frankly, I could be awesome.

And yes, awesome is so overused these days it's a total cliché and, well, borderline lame. But not to the kid that drew that awesome circle. Remember what awesome was like when you were a kid? What would it be like to be that awesome person you pretended you were when you were five years old? Well, I'm going to find out. I may not be able to fly or use a golden lasso, but I will have superpowers. Next time you see me, and I look down and take tiny step... be prepared for awesome!

Note: Power Circles are a practice I first read about in a book by Stacey DeMarco when I was a wee-little newbie witch. I have since refined the empowerment ritual to make it more personal to me and more in-line with my current magickal work, but its a worthwhile exercise. For more information, please go to: themodernwitch.com/powercircles.htm

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