Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Witches Where You Least Expect Them!

Last week I think I finally found a witch amongst my business colleagues. The subject of handfasting came up and she mentioned that was the ceremony of her wedding and after a few moments, she knew and I knew.

I had seen a few signs, a comment, some interesting jewelry and other symbols here and there. I had written her off as a techie, gamer chick, and I'm sure she thought I was a yuppie/weekend-hippie wannabe.

Anyway, I'm generally out at work. I don't hide my beliefs, but I don't advertise my religion because it's personal--I don't think who and how you worship is appropriate office conversation. No one introduces themselves at meeting, "Hi, I'm Joe and I'm a devout Catholic and really excited to work on this project with you."

Just like my co-worker who casually mentioned getting ready to teach at his church's bible summer camp, sometimes religion comes up. When it does, I'm honest--why wouldn't I be? For instance, about a year ago, some co-workers were talking about ghosts and spirits and I made a few comments, mostly to freak out the innocent, young software developers that sit in the back with the lights off most of the time (so fun, but too easy, I really shouldn't do it, but, it's so easy it's hard not to!) My boss asked me flat-out, "Are you a Wiccan or something?" and while I'm not Wiccan per se, it's a reference people make because it's one of the more accessible terms associated with Paganism. I could have said "No" and been honest, but he did say "or something" so I said, "Something like that." Not another word was spoken, I could have explained Paganism, but I didn't have to, because it was cool. Conversation moving along. If we get personal, we talk about our charity and environmental work. Where it comes from doesn't matter. I am a person, a professional, a humanitarian, and a steward of the environment.

This has happened with several other coworkers including company executives. Some are intrigued and have asked for more information, one even came to an open ritual, everyone else seems fine with it. After all, we're all just humans living a spiritual life the best way we know how.

And while being accepted and supported is great. It's those Secret Witch Moments, when you're not expecting them, that are not only are a lot of fun, but reassuring and comforting to know there are more of us out there than we think.

Blessed Be!


  1. I love hearing about things like this. I always wonder why people who work in cities get so nervous about being out. I think that more often than not, being an out Witch is only as big an issue as we make it. Ive also had flat out "are you a Witch/Wiccan/Pagan etc" questions, and I answer plainly. Most dont bat an eye and the conversation goes on.

  2. Maria,I love those moments, too, particularly because I'm NOT out.

    David, discrimination and harassment still happen, sadly, and we read about cases like the occult shops who have been threatened by townspeople, etc. In this economy, I think a lot of people are hyper-sensitive and just trying to hang onto their jobs.

    I think you, Maria, and others like you are very fortunate to work in progressive environments, but not all of us do.

    I just took a huge chance and invited a very Christian coworker, to whom I have not come out, to a party I'm having later this month. Would I come out AT work? No. What will I do if SHE outs me? Well, I'll deal with it.

    Blessed be.
    Wind Horse