Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turn and Face the Strange...

In case you haven't noticed, this is a time of universal change on all levels. Economically, politically, energetically, spiritually, heck, even meteorologically ...there is stuff going on! These changes may be immediately obvious or the shift may be so deep it's hardly noticed on the surface, but the result renders your life almost unrecognizable.

I have been trying to harness these shifts to make positive changes for myself and to become more balanced and aligned. I have set aside my fears of the unknown and trust that the universe will provide me with what I need to best serve myself, my community, and the greater good.

There are three truths I have found with change.
  1. No matter how wonderful the result is, change is rarely easy and generally not so comfortable.
  2. There is proverb that says, "Change is the only constant." So just when you think you're all settled...BOOM...more change!
  3. We only have the capacity for so much, if you are to accept new things, you must make room for them. And conversely, if something goes away, it will fill back up with whatever is available (so it's best to fill it yourself before something you don't want gets in there!).
I recently had some things in my life go away--a lot of things. Things I kind of really liked that, apparently, no longer served me. Things I enjoyed. Things I miss. I know they had to go, but I kind of feel a little empty.

Are the missing things the ones I would have chosen? Probably not. Would it have been nice to get shiny new things to make me not miss what was being letting go? Heck ya! But it doesn't work that way and it probably would have been a hassle anyhow. Like replacing a major appliance, there is only so much room in my kitchen, the old fridge had to go before the new one came in. Otherwise, you aren't excited for the new fridge by the time the old one leaves, you're just happy you don't have to run into the *@!#$^ thing every single time you want just a simple glass of water! Geeez!

So, in order to truly appreciate what is coming. I will take this time and this space to concentrate on the details of what I am working on manifesting in my life. However, knowing the tricky, trickster beings I work with, they will provide me with exactly what I ask for and it will look nothing like I imagined for myself. But because I gave up my fear of change and I trust my gods and guides, I have to know that what has left me is what was needed to go to make the changes I want possible.

Stay tuned. I'll keep ya posted!

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