Monday, July 25, 2011

Warriors Wanted!

I don't generally consider myself a warrior. I'll admit, I lack the fire, but I'm an air sign, an artist, a creator and I can create some fire within when I need to. Right now, even if the Northeast is burning up with 100+ degree temperature and there are wildfires in the West, America needs some more heat, some more fire, more passion. No matter what your nature, it's time to light your inner fire. The world needs you.
I know we all have our numerous circles with which we interact. However, I have noticed that when there is need the same warriors show up for battle. This extends from my professional community where we are trying to establish standards to measure our industry's progress to my work community where we are trying to implement a new system, to my neighborhood where we are trying to prevent vandalism and crime and, of course, to my Pagan community. Whether it's building a Pagan spaces, fighting for Pagan rights, or combating spiritual warfare against Pagans, warriors arise. The same warriors...and it's time to welcome more to our ranks.
The news of DC40, Forty Days of Light Over D.C., an anti-Pagan campaign to lay siege on Washington, DC through strategic prayer by a neo-Pentacostal group is yet another fight that must be fought. This morning I was reading reactions to the stories from many of these warriors. Though they often have different perspectives and opinions, there is a group that stands up and speaks. These are our warriors. I am becoming one of them, I hope.
My voice is often heard through the Open Hearth Foundation and DC40 may be planning to target an event we co-sponsor, Samhain Drumming at the Jefferson Memorial, a DC tradition for almost 20 years, and personally one of the most beautiful and powerful public events I have ever attended [Waiting on confirmation].

Washington, DC is a symbol of American and was chosen for that reason. This is not a local problem, it's every American Pagans problem. Are you a warrior? Will you join us?

How can you get involved?
  1. Get the facts. This story has already been covered by CapitalWitch, the DC bureau of the Pagan News Collective, as well as the Wild Hunt and local Pagan bloggers Literata and Hecate. These warriors have already taken a stand and moved to action.

  2. Stay informed. Follow the site/blogs listed above as there will be continuing coverage of this situation. Follow the activities of DC40 so you can know what is going on and how you stay one step ahead.

  3. Be a Warrior. Re-post these articles and links to your networks. These warriors are planning events and activities; join them or perform protection rituals and rites on your own. Be present when events are organized to take a stand and protect our beliefs and our city. Attend confirmed targeted events and show your pride in and solidarity with the local and larger Pagan communities. A warrior is not about conflict, it's about pride and standing up for yourself.

We may not always agree, but we are all a community of Pagans.
Samhain Drumming 2010

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